CCC Active Committees

We invite all members to actively contribute to the success of your Club by joining one of our working committees – simply click on one of the contacts listed below to register!

Committee Description    
Ice Maintenance Responsible for installing and maintaining the ice surface throughout the season. 
Chairs/Contacts: Tyler Harris, Kevin Champion
Facility Maintenance Responsible for general upkeep and maintenance of the facility as well as the management of day-to-day operations.
Chairs/Contacts: Kevin Kane
Communications & Branding Responsible for managing all communication channels available to the club, including print, email, web and Social Media.
Chairs/Contacts: Kevin Kane
Marketing & Advertising Responsible for selling the signs and TV space, as well as enticing groups and businesses to the club. 
Chairs/Contacts: Tyler Harris, Colin MacAulay
Events & Spiels Responsible for bringing some new faces through the door with fun and exciting new spiels and events, while also organizing former events that have been a success in the past.
Chairs/Contacts: Mitch O’Shea
Membership Responsible for increasing membership through renewals and new members. 
Chairs/Contacts: Mitch O’Shea, Connor MacPhee
Programming & Leagues Responsible for Junior Curling and Adult Learning programs, and for establishing Leagues.
Chairs/Contacts: Jackie Reid, Amy Duncan 
Fundraising Responsible for identifying and executing fundraising opportunities to assist the Club.
Chairs/Contacts: Louise Carota, Kent MacPhee
Financial Responsible for recording all financial activity and for keeping the books up-to-date. 
Chairs/Contacts: Mitch O’Shea, Tyler Harris
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